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Know Your Distributor (KYD) is a process set out by AMFI to strengthen the registration procedure and to ensure correctness of information in the ARN registration application. This is now Mandatory and applicable for all registered Distributors as well as new applicants and renewal applicants.
To know the KYD completed status of a Distributor, please enter Permanent Account Number (PAN) or AMFI Registration Number (ARN) 

Know Your Distributor (KYD), similar to Know Your Client (KYC) for investors has been introduced as a process of distributor registration involving obtaining relevant documents and validation of such documents, personal verification and bio-metrics.

KYD is mandatory with effect from September 1, 2010.

How to get this process done

Who should apply for KYD?
  • All registered Mutual Fund Distributors
  • All applicants for ARN registration and renewal

What documents are to be submitted?
Two self-attested passport-size color photographs, and, self-attested photocopies of proof of identity and proof-of-address have to be submitted with the application form.

When to apply?

Registered Mutual Fund Distributors: Apply for KYD at the earliest and intimate to AMC

Applicants for ARN registration and renewal:
KYD has to be completed along with application for ARN registration or renewal

Where to apply?
AMFI has engaged Computer Age Management Services Pvt. Ltd. to carry out the KYD process. You can visit the selected CAMS Customer Service centers, called KYD Points of Service (POS), for completing the process.

For detailed information and list of accepted documents click here.
For a list of KYD Points of Service (POS), click here.
KYD Application Form for downloading: Individual Non-individual

For more information, please contact CAMS Customer Service Executive. You can also visit for more information.

The prescribed form for KYD and updation of information such as change of address, contact details, bank account, etc. are available on AMFI Website.

Also refer How to Go ahead with KYC Process

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