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 December 01, 2013.
Transfer of ppf account
hello i read the info u have given reg to query is ,does one has to personally collect the cheque issued by the previous bank or the bank sends it to the my new bank.or .would be helpful if u could reply.thankyou. - Kshijit


Cheque and transfer papers will be sent by old ppf branch to new ppf branch.

After tranfer you will receive confirmation from both the banks
in the form of letter, plus call from new PPF Branch to collect ppf pass book.

July 1, 2013
 Linking PPF account and SB account
I have my SB account in Attavar branch, Mangalore and PPF account in PBB branch, Mangalore. I have linked the two accounts for transfering money online to my PPF account. But, to know the balance, I have to visit the PBB branch to get my pass book updated. Owing to this contraint, I submitted a request to the Manager of Attavar Branch to link my PPF a/c held in another branch to my SB a/c held at his branch under 1 single ID. But, he states that the two have been linked but I am not able to view it. It sounds ridiculous. I have emailed their customer care and escalated the matter to the higher ups. But, it still seems unresolved. I had read in your blog about linking two accounts held at different branch under one single user ID. But, in my case, it does not seem to happen correctly. Do I have any other choice other than transfering the PPF account or opening an SB account at PBBranch?  - Swaroop Kashyap D


If they already linked your both accounts with one user id (login id which you use for net banking account), then it gets automatically updated and reflected after login.

 You can take print out of screenshot of your login and visit branch again, as why not reflecting even both accounts are linked.

Important point: I hope you have given request to both the branches (where you have savings bank account and also to your PPF branch) to link your accounts.

Other option

 1. If you have Saving Bank account as well as PPF in same branch - (then ask them to give online access to your saving account, and request them to link PPF to your Savings Account)

 2. If you don't have saving account, best option in this case will be first open savings bank accont in your PPF branch (so that you get online access of your savings bank account and then link your ppf and get access to both under one user id)

Before Opening savings bank account in PPF Branch, please check whether they can able to give your online access to your PPF, if they don't provide you such facility then no point openings savings account in their branch.
Problem  faced by me for getting online access to my PPF account.
1. I was having joint savings bank account and PPF account and i was not first holder in that savings bank account, so they refused to connect my ppf account to savings account.

2. After opening new savings account - as a first account holder, my ppf account and saving account got linked and now i am able to transfer funds to ppf from my savings bank account as well as check my ppf status.

June 24, 2013
How to access bank account online
I have savings account in state bank of travancore.what will i do for getting my account through online. - simitha sawad

Visit your bank branch, apply for Internet Banking facility.
Ask for Internet Banking Registration Form.
The Branch Officer will guide you through the registration process and will issue the Internet Banking Kit.

 May 16, 2013
Change of address for PAN card
 I have changed my residence since PAN card was obtained originally. How to and where change can be done in the records of PAN issuing authorities?
- Dr Mrs Krishna Gupta

 Please check this blog post:
 How can i change my address in my pan card?

April 12, 2013
AO Code details
Pls. let me know AO Code details for my pan no. XXXXXXXXXX to file 15 G form. rgds Sandip

With above information, its difficult to help you with AO Code.In order to get Ao code you need to visit
After visiting above link, add complete details to get your AO Code
Please check this blog post, related to AO Code
How to get Ao Code

 Jan 17, 2013
Sip date change
Wanted to know the procedure to change existing sip date of my mutual fund to another date. Please advice
Changing sip date means
1. Closing ongoing Sip
2. Registering new sip with new date 

So in order to make changes, first you need to give request for cancellation of existing sip. (need to give 45 days prior notice)
Also give fresh request to open sip with new date.
 Forms are available in mutual fund website for cancellation of sip.

Jan 02, 2013
I need to withdraw from my brother's dormant folios(mutual fund).
how can i withdraw and get money?
Please help me.. Hope to hear from u soon

 -Ajee M Kurian
You can't withdraw from your brother's dormant mutual fund folio without his consent as in order to get money, your brother needs to sign transaction slip.

To withdraw mutual fund unit means to follow redemption process:

How to go ahead with redemption process
1. Fill up the Transaction Slip (which is attached with account statement) or you can download online.
2. Specify for redemption, all or certain portion of your units you want to redeem.
3. Fill in personal and scheme details in the transaction slip
4. Sign at the end.
5. Submit mutual fund branch or cams or Karvy (which handle transaction of particular AMC)   


December 24, 2012
How can i know the SBI Magnum Tax Gain 1993 Divd. scheme balance as on today in my account.
- Sushil S Doshi

 Their are many ways to get Complete details of your investment in mutual Fund.
Now your query is related to SBI Mutual Fund

You can contact SBI MF Customer care on 1800 425 5425
or if you want to contact branch near your place then visit this
Website page

If your email id is registered in above mutual fund scheme, then visit this link

You need to enter your folio number and choose the mode of delivery. The statement would be delivered to the registered email address / postal address for the folio.

or you get account statement from cams website

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